Currection Policy

Correction Policy:

At, we strive for accuracy and integrity in our reporting. However, despite our best efforts, errors may occasionally occur. When we discover inaccuracies or receive credible corrections to our published content, we are committed to promptly addressing and correcting them.

Corrections Process:


Upon receiving a correction request or identifying a potential error, our editorial team thoroughly investigates the issue to verify its validity.


If an error is confirmed, we promptly correct the content and clearly mark the correction. Corrections may include updating the article, appending a correction notice, or publishing a separate correction article, depending on the nature and significance of the error.


We believe in transparency and accountability. Therefore, we acknowledge and disclose corrections openly, providing readers with clear information about what was corrected and why.

4-Apology (if necessary):

In cases where the error has caused harm or confusion, we issue a sincere apology to our readers and any affected parties.

Reader Feedback:

We welcome feedback from our readers and encourage them to report any errors they encounter in our content. If you believe you’ve found an error or have a correction request, please contact us through or use the provided feedback mechanisms on our website.

Editorial Integrity:

Maintaining the trust of our audience is paramount to us. We are committed to upholding high standards of journalistic integrity and accuracy in all our reporting endeavors.

Updates to the Correction Policy:

This correction policy is subject to periodic review and updates. Any changes made to the policy will be clearly communicated to our readers.

At, we take accountability for our mistakes and are dedicated to delivering reliable and accurate news coverage to our audience.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.


24times News Team

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